BSX - the trailer for general use

KSX - the three-way tipper trailer

MSX - the multipurpose trailer

PSX - the platform trailer


Quality is in one word the trademark of Anssems Trailers. Because of our experience over many years we know more than anyone else who are using our trailers and what their wishes are. Platform trailers are especially suitable for transporting large volumes. This means that the following aspects are very important: stability, safety, optimal loading volume and user-friendliness. In order to meet all wishes, the platform trailers are available in different dimensions and carrying capacities. Advanced technologies were used for the development of platform trailers. The trailers were obviously tested extensively, for example on a test track and a so-called roller track. It means that we can guarantee a safe product.

Stability The steel frame of the trailers is robot-welded and hot-dip galvanised. Because the V-shaped pole of trailers with a brake system consists of a box profile with a length of 145 cm they are very stable. The poles have been EC approved. Besides, the frame has been carried out with a solid ladder rack and railing. These also consist of a box profile. The result is a very stable frame at all times. We think this is important, because this is the basis of a good trailer. The axles and coupling or the overrun brake that are mounted are of a high-grade quality. Upon choosing the axles, ample reserve has been provided for. Because of this the maximum gross weight of the axles is higher than the maximum gross weight of the trailer. Thus type BSX 1300 has been equipped with one axle with a gross weight of 1,500 kilos and BSX 2000 has been equipped with two axles with a gross weight of 1,300 kilos each. But not only the gross weight is exceptional. The floor of the trailer, too, is extremely suited for any job imaginable. Two longitudinal runners and several cross girders carry one 15-mm wooden sheet, which provides a perfect support.
Safety Anssems Trailer feels very strongly about safety. Not only with respect to the solid construction of the trailer, but above all with respect to visibility to other road users. In order to achieve this the lighting, which is mounted in compliance with EC norms, has been added to by side marker lights. These lights are far better visible than reflectors. Moreover, upon designing, visibility with a folded down tailboard was taken into account as well. For example, if you have to load in darkness with a folded down tailboard the hazard lights are still visible. You are visible at all times with Anssems trailers, and that is a very safe idea, isn't it?
Optimal payload Despite the strong steel frame the unladen weight of our trailers is remarkably low. The result is an optimal payload. The low unladen weight is realised by meticulously choosing the materials used for the trailers. The utility trailers are equipped with aluminium sides, which resulted to a considerable reduction of weight.

Multifunctional You can transport all sorts of loads with Anssems utility trailers. The sides with a height of 35 cm allow for a high volume, so that loose items can be easily loaded. Carrying long items is not a problem either, because the headboard and the tailboard can be easily folded down. The headboard rests on the pole, the tailboard on two pullout beams, while the lighting remains visible. Thus there is always ample space to safely transport long items and problems with trailers that are too short no longer exist. Talking about multifunctionality.

User-friendliness The solid ladder rack and railing offer a good and safe way to tie down your load. Several brackets have been mounted which can conveniently be used for tension bolts or rope. All these trailers are equipped with a jockey wheel. Trailers without a brake system are equipped with a normal jockey wheel, whereas utility trailers with brake system are equipped with a strong retractable jockey wheel. The jockey wheel makes hooking and unhooking easy and provides good manoeuvrability.