Guardian container (3m x 2,5m) with panoramic view. Fully insulated and electrically equiped! Now with an discount up to 10%!
Cabina portar

Cabina portar

Member of a French holding with more than 35 years of tradition in the production of steel structures, SODACMA aims to introduce top quality products on the Romanian market of steel structures.

Located in Recas, only 22 km from Timisoara (SW of Romania), our company disposes of more than 5000 sq m covered and heated facilities, all equipped with high technology machines and well trained workers.

Our range of containers for construction sites, living, bureaus, lockers, sanitary and toilet facilities are the best choice for construction companies and not only. Standard dimensions are: 6,16m x 2,5m x 2,7m and 3,16m x 2,5m x 2,7m. The steel structure is the most robust on the market being realized from welded rectangular tubes. The sandwich panel walls and the isolated floor and ceiling make our containers the most fitted on site facility in all seasons. All containers are electrical fully equipped and have a 3mm PVC carped in standard versions. Containers are available in standard versions and dimensions but we can also supply containers on client’s configuration and version.

Being one of the most active player on the French market of small trailers (up to 3,5T), we are proposing on the Romanian market "the unbreakable trailer” ANSSEMS produced by the biggest Dutch trailer producer.

Amongst our products we can produce a large range of steel structures such as industrial gates, scaffoldings, fences etc. Any steel structure that involves cutting, bending, piercing, and welding can be produced in our halls. All you have to do is to contact us.